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Talk to Our Experts About French Drain Installation

Is water always finding its way into your home or business after heavy rains? Professional French drain installation can take care of this problem! French drains are designed to funnel water away from your home, reducing the chances of water damage to your property and trouble for your foundation. They work alongside your gutters to collect runoff and keep your home or business and family or patrons safe. At Hebert Irrigation, we’re happy to evaluate your property and your circumstances and decide if French drain installation is the best option for you. Our Corpus Christi, TX team is made up of experts in residential and commercial irrigation, so give us a call today! 

French Drain Installation in Corpus Christi

What Is a French Drain?

While a French drain sounds like an upscale alternative to a normal drain, it’s actually a cost-effective solution for excess water. French drains are gravel-lined ditches embedded with a pipe. After professional installation, French drains are ready to help divert rainwater away from your home or business’s foundation. Our team will ensure your French drain is more than just an easy solution to water damage; we’ll make it a part of your landscape’s overall design!

How a French Drain Works

French drains collect excess rainwater and provide it with an unobstructed channel through which to flow. The water makes its way through the gravel trench, then enters a pipe at the bottom of the trench. The pipe then carries the rainwater away from your home or business and empties it a safe distance from your foundation. For best results, we recommend the bottom of the trench be sloped one inch for every eight feet of length. However, lots of additional factors will impact the length and path of your French drain, so be sure to call our experts.

When Do I Need French Drain Installation?

Homeowners and business owners with water-damaged properties or lawns with excessive moisture will benefit most from French drain installation. While Texas isn’t exactly known for copious amounts of rainfall, Corpus Christi actually gets plenty of rain during the year. In fact, on average, Corpus Christi only gets a few inches less rainfall than Chicago. If you open your front doors after a storm to find your yard laden with rainwater, it may be time to consider a French drain. The team at Hebert Irrigation can help you decide if this is the right choice for your property.

Take Advantage of These Benefits

It’s never fun to find water damage in your home, especially if it is beginning to affect your foundation. French drains can drastically reduce your risk of a water-damaged foundation, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. In addition to structural safety, French drains can also save you money. Installing a new system with Hebert Irrigation is much more cost-effective than paying for extensive foundation repairs. Not only will the French drain installation take care of your current problems with water damage, but it significantly minimizes your chances of damage in the future.

How We Install French Drains

Installing French drains is a relatively simple process, especially when you trust the professionals at Hebert Irrigation. Our team has French drain installation down to a science, and we’ll be on and off your property as quickly as possible without compromising quality. In general, our installation process goes as follows:  

  • Dig a trench about two feet wide and two to six feet deep
  • Lay pipe in the trench
  • Cover the pipe with gravel
  • Lay filter fabric over gravel and refill with topsoil

Contact Our Installation Team Today

Whether you need French drain installation or another irrigation service, the team at Hebert Irrigation is on your side. We’ll evaluate your property and make accurate suggestions for the best course of action. We’re trusted throughout Corpus Christi, TX for premier irrigation services, landscape lighting, and much more. Contact our team today for more information on French drain installation or another of our services.

No Job is Too Big or Small for Hebert Irrigation