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Choose Hebert Irrigation for Backflow Testing and More

Have you heard of backflow and what it can mean for your sprinkler system? Every irrigation system is required to have a backflow to ensure safe, potable water. If you own a business in Corpus Christi, TX, you must abide by regulations requiring your backflow device to earn a backflow certification each year. Whether you’re a residential or commercial customer of Hebert Irrigation, backflow testing is crucial to maintaining a safe sprinkler system. Our team can help you understand the basics of backflow and how to handle problems should they arise. Learn more about the ins and outs of backflow testing from our experts.

Backflow Testing in Corpus Christi

What Is Backflow Testing?

Backflow is how we refer to water flowing in the wrong direction through your plumbing system. While this may not seem like a big deal, backflow can cause contaminated water to run through your pipes and end up in your drinking water. Backflow testing, then, is the process we use to make sure your water hasn’t been contaminated by any chemicals or other hazardous substances.

Why You Need Backflow Testing

Coming into contact with contaminated water is often dangerous for your health and that of your family or customers. Your health is paramount to us, and backflow testing is one of the best ways to make sure your property’s water is safe. Using this method, we can identify the most efficient way of preventing future contamination. We encourage homeowners and business owners alike to schedule backflow testing at least once a year. Safety is your top priority, and it’s ours too. 

Answering Some of Your FAQs

The concept of backflow and testing for contaminants often comes with lots of questions. Our customers want to be sure their water supply is safe for irrigation, and we aim to give you the information you need. Look below for the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:  

Q: How does backflow happen? 

A: In most cases, backflow is triggered by too much pressure in the plumbing system. High pressure could be the result of higher elevations, too-fast water pumping, or many other causes. When you talk to the team at Hebert Irrigation, we can tell you what went wrong for backflow to occur in your sprinkler system.  

Q: What happens if I don’t schedule backflow testing?  

A: If you avoid backflow testing, you run the risk of certain health complications. Beyond that, you may be in violation of district guidelines. Many Texas cities require businesses to have a backflow system in place to ensure the safety of patrons.  

Q: My irrigation system was installed before backflow prevention was required. Do I have to purchase a device? 

A: If you do not already have a backflow prevention device, you will need to have one installed, especially if you’re a business owner. We understand it’s an inconvenience, particularly if you bought your property with the understanding that it was up to code. However, safety always comes first, and you should invest in a backflow device as soon as possible.

Why So Many Choose Us

Hebert Irrigation has become known throughout Corpus Christi for our dedication to world-class customer service and comprehensive expertise. We’re you’re a go-to partner for residential irrigation and commercial irrigation work, whether you need backflow testing or new system installation. In addition to these all-inclusive services, we’re also proud to handle projects relating to French drain installation and landscape lighting. We’re here to help you create the lawn of your dreams!

Schedule Service Today

If you’re due for backflow testing, don’t hesitate to talk to the team at Hebert Irrigation. We can identify any problems associated with backflow and suggest the best fix. We understand you just want to get your irrigation system up and running again. That’s why we strive for efficient and effective service that comes at no hassle to you. Our friendly team is ready to visit your Corpus Christi, TX home or business and ensure your water isn’t contaminated. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a service.

No Job is Too Big or Small for Hebert Irrigation