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Hebert Irrigation

2134 Flour Bluff Dr
Corpus Christi, TX 85045


24 Hour Emergency Phone

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Schedule an Appointment with Our Corpus Christi, TX Experts

Every lush, green yard has an efficient irrigation system. While we love Texas as much as you do, burnt brown grass is hard to avoid. To achieve a beautifully-manicured lawn, you should place your trust in Corpus Christi, TX’s top irrigation contractor. At Hebert Irrigation, we deliver results. Our team quickly identifies problems and implements solutions before you know it. We’ve done so for over 30 years. We are committed and enthusiastic, and our eagerness to improve your property is unmatched by other companies. Learn more about us below, and don’t hesitate to reach out to schedule an appointment.

We Deliver an Eclectic Range of Lawncare Services

We pride ourselves on performing a vast array of irrigation- and lawncare-related projects on both residential and commercial properties. Through a thorough application of years of expertise and experience, our team can beautify your property, no matter how down in the dumps it might look. All your grass needs is a nudge in the right direction. We’re here to give it the boost it requires. Whether through the installation of water delivery systems or something else, we can do it. Our services include:

Residential Irrigation Repair: If you already own an irrigation system, you should know that it’s crucial to maintain it. Keeping an eye on the system for faults and breakdowns is the best way to ensure your lawn stays in tip-top shape. Whether the supply line is leaking, or something broke the sprinkler head, we promptly fix the issue.

Commercial Irrigation Repair: We don’t have to tell you how critical a manicured lawn is when attracting customers and clients to your business’ location. Irrigation systems are a vital component of creating a strong visual identity outside your building. If you’re noticing problems, such as infrequent cycles, call our team immediately.

Irrigation Installation: Does your backyard have brown spots? Does the grass grow unevenly? Don’t let your dream of a magazine-worthy yard die along with the grass. Allow Hebert Irrigation to install a new irrigation system. Our team has experience installing irrigation in the front and backyards of residents and throughout sprawling commercial complexes!

Backflow Testing: Your irrigation system must have a backflow system to ensure safe potable water. Both residential and commercial properties fall under this regulation. We provide much-needed backflow testing. Contact us regularly to make sure things are working correctly.

Landscape Lighting: We haven’t merely mastered water! Our team wields the power of lighting to amplify the beauty of houses and businesses. We can install lighting along walkways, beside buildings, and more.

French Drain Installation: French drains direct water from your foundation to the street. These buried installations are perfect for homeowners whose basements flood routinely.

Get in Touch with Us and Make Your Dreams a Reality

Hebert Irrigation is a member of the Texas Irrigators Association. This prestigious trade membership solidifies our status as Corpus Christi’s leading irrigation specialists. We have six licensed irrigators and dedicated support staff, ensuring each customer is well-taken care of when we are on your property. We encourage you to make an appointment with us. Use our online form, and we’ll get back to you shortly!